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NTCBDA Update for 2013-2014

September 23rd, 2013 · Uncategorized

Greetings-Trusting that your Summer was enjoyable, and Fall has been everything your heart desired.
The NTCBDA(National-Tri Caucus Board Development Association) continues our focus on Education, Economics/Business, the Environment, and Cultural Spirituality. The NTCBDA Executive Committee has not been dormant, but utilizing emails and conference calls to maintain the organization’s strategic plan.  The pre-recession and post-recession deterred our ability to meet physically as a group, but we never stopped planning.
It is my pleasure to report that we are on the brink of launching our new strategies for Community Engagement, K-20 Educational Reform via Board Training, and Cultural Inclusion. The strategies are not “NEW”, but are the result of pracitcal considerations, listening to the NTCBDA’s membership, and reviewing the “oral data” consisting of “practical cultural applications”,  to decrease failing students and schools!!! The NTCBDA’s plan to schedule our pre winter meeting in October 2013, was rescheduled. Our Sponsors, Partners, and Benefactors encouraged the organization to delay the meeting and plan for a larger gathering after the Spring of 2014. The Partners and Sponsors cited their individual and collective fiscal restrants, quarterly obligations, and time constraints. They insured the Executive Committee of their committment.  That this commitment is firm for the next quarter and fiscal year. We anticipate, and expect to secure the resources by Spring 2014. The NTCBDA is on target to meet and exceed our goals and objectives for 2014-15.
The Past has a history, the Future holds the Promise and Hope of a new experience-A Successful Tomorrow!

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May 14th, 2013 · Uncategorized

The NTCBDA’s planning meeting in April 2013 was a successful event. Representatives reflecting our core populations attended from Arizona, California, Minnessota, South Carolina,Michigan, and Minnesota. The discussion items were centered in the core areas of Education, Economics, the Environment, and Cultural Spirituality. Updates were given by representatives concerning 2011-12 NTCBDA projects sponsored by the membership in California, Arizonz, Illinois, South Carolina and Maryland. After a lively question and answer period, the members decided to consider planning for the NTCBDA Executive Committee to convene in Arizona, August 2013! Dates, Travel, and Lodging accomodations will be emailed prior to July 14, 2013. Additional information will be available within the next 30 Days. Until then
‘May the Winds of Success go before you and point the wary to prosperity!!”

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April 11th, 2011 · Uncategorized

March 2010- APRIL 2011
The NTCBDA Executive Committee has responded to the Association Membership with results. The NTCBDA Strategic Planning and Implementation Process was approved at our Summer Meeting with The NISBA(National Indian School Board’s Association) Annual Conference at Fort McDowell Arizona(July 2010). We unanimously agreed to extend the organizations implementation phase until 2016!
The Executive Committee met during January 2011 in Washington DC. The committee decided pending approval of the membership to expand the membership, pursue grant opportunities, and expand our corporate partnerships. Our 2011 Spring Planning Meeting in San Francisco was “labor intensive”, but affirmed the Associations goals that were set for 2011. Watch for details of the 2011 Summer Meeting.

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NTCBDA NEWS – March 19, 2010

March 19th, 2010 · Announcements

The NTCBDA will need your assistance in updating our Strategic Plan for 2010-2011. The Strategic Planning Process will be developed at our April 2010 Meeting in Chicago Illinois, and our July 2010 Meeting in Fort McDowell Arizona.

The time, date, and location of the meeting(s) will be mailed to the NTCBDA Board Members, Corporate Advisory Committee Members via Email and Snail Mail!

We are very excited about the future of the National Tri Caucus Board Development Associations Agenda for K-16 Systemic Education Policy Reform.

If there are questions, please contact me at 864-921-0646, or Dr. J. Floyd at 301-229-4480.

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January 26th, 2010 · Announcements


The NTCBDA Board Members and Special Guests are cordially invited to attend our Annual Board Meeting on January 30, 2010.  Dr. J. Floyd, Fiduciary Consultant will host the event. Please contact him at

We look forward to seeing you!

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Welcome to the NTCBDA Blog!

September 28th, 2009 · Announcements

This blog will host NTCBDA resources and information, and it will serve as a collaboration center for NTCBDA members and visitors.
To contact the NTCBDA, just click the ‘Contact’ link at the top of any page on this blog.

NTCBDA members, please click the ‘Members Directory’ link to submit your information for our directory.

To see minutes and notes from past NTCBDA meetings, please click the ‘Documents’ link.

Thanks for visiting, pardon our construction, and please come back soon.

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